Secure. Simple. Contact.

Secure communication at a personal level is one of the great technical problems of our time—one that particularly affects journalists and their sources.

Right now, people simply don't know how to securely contact journalists.

And for the most part, journalists don't know how to accept secure communications.

With Initiate we aim to make the first point of contact easy and safe.

Initiate provides an embeddable secure communication portal which allows anyone to send an encrypted message directly from the browser.

The widget can be embedded in any website or news story.

How does it work?

Every keypress is encrypted in your message as you type.

When you hit send, the encrypted messgage is sent to the initiate server.

Then the encrypted message is emailed to your point-of-contact. We can never read your message.

Your point-of-contact uses a private key that only they have to read your message.

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